In an effort to find ways to feel festive, we’ve been looking on Pinterest for all the best craft ideas┬áto get you ready for Christmas. There are loads but we’ve found our favourite two.

Ways to Feel Festive

The first step by step we found was how to make baby jar snow globes. We really like this idea as it is so simple but really effective. You can decorate your home with them or even give them as a stocking filler. You can also put anything you want into the snow globe and make it truly personal to you. Were thinking of finding a tiny Eiffel Tower to put in ours!



If you are looking for a cheap but lovely gift for your loved ones this Christmas look no further than the DIY mason jar. You can fill it with almost anything but we really liked this cookie recipe. You can even print the stickers out for your jars from this website. It’s such a simple idea but we hope you agree really effective. We will be making them for our family and friends -they make great treats when you’ve run out of everything in your cupboard too!

Laura Anderson
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