At La Redoute, we pride ourselves on being able to bring you the best fashion pieces seasonally. The trench coat is a time tested staple of any wardrobe, because it offers you a stylish, comfortable and fashionable coat for those days of unpredictable weather.

At La Redoute, we have a variety of different trench styles, all accustomed to your personal tastes-just waiting to be the centrepiece of your wardrobe.

Laura Clement Long BeltedLong Belted Showerproof Cotton Trench Coat

The Laura Clement Long Belted Trench Coat is a favourite in the La Redoute office. The chic design has a Parisian look, keeping it in touch with our French heritage. The soft, lightweight finish gives the trench that added eye-catching look.   The long belted coat is great to layer over a little black dress for evening elegance.  The showerproof material makes it easy to wear, come rain or shine.

 Tweed Mid Length

Tweed Mid-Length Belted Trench Coat with Leather Sleeves

Another favourite is the Laura Clement Tweed Mid-Length Trench with Leather Sleeves. It’s warm and smart, and the soft leather/tweed combination works together to give a gothic, yet elegant feel to the trench.

Biker StyleBiker Style Trench Coat with Side Zip Fastening

The Biker Style Trench is a great fit for all body shapes. The side fastening zip gives a simple, modern impression, whilst keeping it on trend. The light material and faux leather shoulders offer a stylish twist on a modern classic, giving you plenty of options to customise and style the coat.


What are your favourites coats? We’d love to hear from you, so leave a comment below!

Liam Southwell
Marketing Assistant for La Redoute. I dabble in writing and I watch a lot of TV

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