Pink has got to be one of the hardest colours to wear and for maximum impact it has to be done right. With ‘Wear it Pink’ to support Breast Cancer in full flow, now is the perfect time to experiment with those candy floss shades.

When someone says pink, you automatically imagine fuchsia and while we do have fuchsia on our site for those brave ones, we also have plenty of wearable muted shades of pink. So here it is, a guide on how to encapsulate pink into your wardrobe without looking like Barbie!

The Pink Coat 

The perfect way to brighten those winter days, check out these on-trend pink coats.

  1. Crew Neck Puffball Wool Mix Coat


coat 2

2. Faux Leather Biker-Style Blouson Jacket

coat 3

3. Jacquemus Boiled Wool Coat


The Pink Trousers

A great alternative to blue jeans to add a splash of femininity to a casual everyday look.

  1. Softly Draping Trousers with Elasticated Waist

jumper 5

2. Skinny 7/8 Length Jeans


3. Stretch Cotton 5-Pocket Style Slim-Fit Trousers

jumper 4


The Pink Jumper

The ultimate item for layering this autumn!

  1. Long-Sleeved Sweater with Bow Trim at the Back

jumper 1

2. Long-Sleeved Roll Neck Merino Wool Sweater

jumper 3

3. Alpaca Blend Sweater with V-Neckline Front and Back


See, wearing pink isn’t so scary after all. Go check it out on our site!

Sophie Speight

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