The sun’s out… quick! Grab your basket and a gingham rug – we’re going for a picnic.

We’re calling it – 2016 is the year of the picnic. More chic than barbecues and with endless style possibilities (the rug! The basket! The dinnerware!), picnics are ideal for these late spring days when the sky is blue and the cherry blossom is blooming.

Planning the perfect picnic takes a bit of organisation – there’s more to it than stuffing a load of sausage rolls into a tote bag and heading for the nearest patch of grass – but when you’re surrounded by pretty finger food and have a glass of champagne in each hand, you’ll know it’s worth it. Here’s how to pull off your own perfect spring picnic…

A foodie feast

Start by plotting out what you’d like to eat. Remember that everything needs to be transportable, so look for dishes that will pack easily into plastic containers. Things like deli meats, hummus, quiche, bowls of olives and scotch eggs are classic picnic nibbles that’ll never let you down.

If you want to do sandwiches, consider taking them unmade and letting guests create their own. You can pack sliced cheese, cold meat, salad and crusty bread separately and have fun arranging!

Bottoms up

Our motto is, it’s not a proper picnic without prosecco. So make sure you take a bottle… or three! As well as the fizz, pre-chilled cider stored in a cool bag makes a refreshing drink, or you could even mix your own Pimm’s and take it along in a keg with plenty of ice. For non-drinkers, sparkling elderflower cordial is a must.

The equipment

Ok, so it’s perfectly possible to host a picnic with an Ikea fleece blanket and a few plastic cups. But when wicker baskets and gingham rugs are more than acceptable, why not indulge? We love traditional picnic sets that include plates, cutlery and even mini salt and pepper shakers. You’ll need the aforementioned gingham rug, a few floor cushions to keep things comfy and an extra blanket or two in case the breeze picks up.

The perfect spring picnic

If you’re planning to stay out for the evening, take along some lanterns (these are perfect), tea lights and a string of battery-powered fairy lights to keep your picnic illuminated well into the night.

The outfit

The perfect picnic hostess also needs the perfect picnic outfit. This checked skirt gives a little nod to the event while still being sleek and stylish – team it with a simple white camisole and these simple black espadrilles to keep it practical. Done and dusted!

Jen Allison
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