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Audrey wears 70s Style

 I’ve always loved the 50s, since forever I have been fascinated with the 60s yet strangely, I paid little attention to the 70s.

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Fashion and Beauty Storage the French Way

Accommodation in Paris is extremely expensive, meaning most people live in slightly cramped apartments. Sound familiar? The French have found a way around it. Due to compact living spaces, Parisians learn to be economical and creative with what they have, leading to beautifully unique interior design.

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Get the Look – Audrey of Be Frassy

The lovely Audrey of Be Frassy was rocking La Redoute at Paris Fashion Week this season.

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Paris Fashion Week with Be Frassy

Twice a year, the city of Paris becomes entirely fashion-focused, attracting sartorial circles from around the globe. It’s an inspiring atmosphere – especially with the sun shining and spring winking from the skies all week long so far. I’ve been busy, dashing to meetings, organizing photoshoots, carrying heels in my bags for quick outfit changeovers […]

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Paris In Springtime

‘When spring came, there were no problems except where to be happiest.’ -Ernest Hemingway

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