It’s that time in June again where hundreds and thousands of music revellers trek to Glastonbury to be part of the world’s largest performing arts festival. Unfortunately, the weather looks to put a spanner in the works of all those who had packed for the sunshine, with rain being forecast for the whole weekend.

La Redoute feel your pain, so we’re going to give you some tips to survive the rain soaked Glastonburythis weekend!

Get yourself some quality wellies…

When it comes to festivals, Wellies are your essential footwear. Trying to walk through mud in anything other than wellies is like sprinting through concrete! Wellies are durable and perfect when combating Glastonbury Welliesmud, so wellies NEED to be packed. If they’re not very comfy, get
yourself some insoles to give you some extra comfort when standing throughout the day!

Check out these Cavalière Riding Style Wellington Boots. They’re bound to last you through the festival and beyond!

…And light, waterproof coat

You don’t want to be waiting around in the pouring rain! Plastic ponchos might Coatnot be on-trend or stylish, but at Glastonbury, staying dry is just as important as being stylish!If you
would prefer to stay  à la Mode try our Soft Grey Cotton Parka which is practical AND chic!

Shorts VS. jeans

NEVER wear your best jeans to a festival! It’s a sure-fire recipe for disaster. Make sure you pack some shorts. Washing mud off of your legs is a lot easier than trying to get it off your jeans!

Watch out for the sun!

Whether you’re queuing up for some food or in the crowd waiting for a band, going to a festival usually means a lot of standing about. Even though rain is forecast, the sun will probably pop out over the weekend, so take sunglasses and pack the sun cream in case you’re exposed to the sun all day.

Don’t cheap out when buying a tent

Your tent might be thrown away after Glastonbury, but that doesn’t mean you should go cheap! Make your tent-mates chip in with a few more quid and make sure that you and your belongings stay dry overnight!

Do you have any tips to survive the rain at festivals? Leave us a message and let us know!

Liam Southwell
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