There are many ways to make your outfit stand out and to inject life into your wardrobe. Adding something with simple embellishment such as a sequin skirt would do this perfectly.

Stylist Advice Using Embellishment Sequined Embroidered Sleeveless Straight Dress   SOFT GREY   La RedouteWhen it comes to embellishments you can either make it understated or embrace the trend.
We love this Soft Grey sequin dress – this is one for those of you who aren’t afraid of a fair few sparkles. This dress speaks for itself so you could just keep your accessories to a minimum.

If you like the idea of embellishment but only want to draw attention to one area you could opt for this Soft Grey embroidered dress. You can match your accessories to the outfit with plenty of colours to choose from on this dress.

If you prefer something a little plainer, that you can team up with jeans, then why not try this embellished sweatshirt. This is great for casual days, maybe your going out for some lunch? Just add a pair of ballet pumps and you’re good to go.

How do you wear embellishments  – do you have any tips of tricks? You can share them with us by emailing .

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