Last time we were in Paris we had the pleasure of talking to the lovely and talented designer Christine Phung. She shared with us a few quick style tips, in which she stated how important it is to have key items like dresses and coats in your wardrobe.

Are there items that make all women look great – at all ages?

It’s all in good construction of the clothes. Pair a structured skirt with a nice print.

Which three items of clothing make up your own capsule wardrobe?

My key pieces are the red coat, the pleated dress and the teddy from my range, which offers a feminine take on sportswear with graphic and architectural design elements.

Christine Phung interview

What should women bear in mind when choosing pieces that will suit their colouring?

Take care of your skin and hair colour and choose pieces that make you feel well, good and free.

What do you think are the secrets to effortless French style?

I think the secret for effortless French style is a mix between sophistication and being natural. It’s simplicity and complexity – balanced, but not over-thought.

Christine Phung interview

Who are the new French style icons?

I find model and blogger Jeanne Damas inspiring – she’s very modern and fresh.


You can shop Christine’s collection here.

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