Plaits, braids, curls and waves – this season’s hair is all about texture and detail. Great if your locks are long and flowing, but what about shorter styles? If your hair is shoulder length or above, it can be hard to get creative. So we’ve picked out our favourite hair trends that work for crops, bobs and everything in between.

Style ideas for short hair

The halo braid

This Scandi-inspired look is as popular as ever. It’s super easy to achieve on long hair, and we’ve found a clever trick to recreate the look on short hair. Rather than wrapping long plaits around your head (impossible if you have short hair – there’s just not enough of it!), centre-part your hair and French braid each side from the top of your head all the way round to the nape of your neck to get the ‘halo’ effect in a different way. Secure with bobby pins at the ends and pull out loose strands for a messy look.

The beachy waves

Curling short hair can be tricky – without the length to ‘spread’ out the curl, hair has a tendency to spring back into tight ringlets. Not a good look! To get those laidback, beachy waves, you need a slim wand and a bit of patience.

Clip the top layer of your hair out of the way and start curling from the bottom, working on 3-inch sections each time. Hold the hair around your curling wand for no longer than 5 seconds and pull each curl out before moving on to the next. Once you’ve curled your entire head, work your fingers through the curls to separate and loosen them, then move on to your makeup and leave hair to ‘drop’. After 15 minutes, brush through your curls with a soft brush and spray with hairspray. The curls will continue to drop through the day, so it’s best to do your hair a few hours before you go out – by the time you’re ready, your curls will have dropped to perfect, undone waves.

The dip dye effect

Ombré colour is still a big trend – for 2015 we’re seeing brighter colours graduating into pretty pastel shades.

On shorter hair, there’s less length to create the faded effect, but it is still possible – you just need a lighter touch! For a blonde-to-pink dip dye look, start with a small amount of colour just above your ears and work down to a more vibrant shade by applying more colour as you reach the ends of your hair.

The feathered accessory

Hair accessories are perfect for capturing that free-spirited festival look, and we love pretty feathers worked into messy waves. On shorter hair, feathers work best woven into plaits for a more natural look. Centre-part your hair and sweep one side into a French braid, adding a strip of feathers into the plait as you go. Secure at the nape of your neck with a bobby pin and style the other side of your hair with a texturising spray for an undone effect.

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