Who knew riding a stationary bike could be so much fun?

If you’ve never been to a spinning class, it probably sounds like a scary concept. A room full of exercise bikes, an instructor who’s probably very, very enthusiastic, booming music and relentless pedalling that makes your legs feel like they’re about to fall off. Oh, and it’s all done in complete darkness. Um, fun?

If you have been spinning, though, you’ll know it’s about as much fun as you can have while sweating so profusely. No wonder it’s the most fashionable fitness trend around right now – everyone’s getting in on the act.

 Spinning – the fitness trend we can’t get enough of

The key to a great spin class is twofold – you need great music and an encouraging instructor. There are spinning classes to cater to all music tastes, from hardcore hip hop to banging drum and bass. Personally, we like a pop playlist – there’s nothing like an uplifting Lady Gaga chorus to see you through a standing sprint.

When it comes to instructors, these aren’t your average aerobics class leaders. Spin instructors are high-energy, high-fitness demons who will push you to almost breaking point, but you’ll give it your absolute all because you love them. They scream words of encouragement from the front and often work just as hard as you are – although, they never seem to break a sweat…

Dedicated spin studios are popping up all over the place. In London, BOOM Cycle’s classes are like a night out at the club – all pitch black with playlists designed by actual DJs. To find a class local to you, check out your gym listings – most chain gyms now have proper spin studios and offer multiple classes a day. Try a few different ones until you find your favourite instructor with a music taste that matches your own.

It might sound a little intimidating at first, but once you’ve found your tribe, spinning is totally addictive. Go along to a class, take a friend (and plenty of water) and give it a try. We promise you’ll love it!

Jen Allison
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