Make 2016 the year you get serious about skincare.

Let’s face it – when it comes to skincare, a quick splash of soapy water or a rub with a makeup wipe just ain’t gonna cut it. These days, products are so advanced they can remove makeup, smooth fine lines and do a supermarket shop (well, probably) all at once.

A new year is the perfect time to reassess your skincare routine, and even the most die hard double cleansers could benefit from shaking things up a bit. So we’ve gathered the best skin-saving tips, tricks and techniques to help you go into 2016 looking fresh faced and fabulous.


  1. Double cleansing

Double cleansing really took off in 2015 and it’s here to stay this year, too. The idea is that washing your face twice really gets rid of any lingering makeup, and if you use two separate products you’re getting twice the benefits, too.

How to: Start by massaging a balm or oil into dry skin and wiping away with a warm flannel. This will remove most makeup and gently exfoliate your skin. Follow up with a cleanser and wash away with warm water.

  1. Chemical exfoliation

Not as scary as it sounds, we promise! Chemical exfoliation uses acids to gently remove dead skin cells. It’s much kinder to skin than physical exfoliation, which involves sloughing at the skin with a rough cream or gel and can often irritate.

How to: Chemical exfoliators look like toners and are used in the same way – morning and night, apply to a cotton wool pad and sweep across the face and neck.

  1. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the heroes of anti-ageing skincare. They combat free radicals in the skin, helping to stop visible signs of ageing like fine lines and dark spots. Plus, antioxidants also boost the protection of sunscreens, which in turn stops signs of ageing. No wonder they’re referred to as the Holy Grail of skincare!

How to: Look for different products with a variety of antioxidants – they perform best when used together. The most common and effective are Vitamins C and E, retinol and green tea.


  1. Facial massage

If you’ve ever been for a professional facial, you might’ve felt a bit funny when the therapist started pummelling your cheeks. But stimulating the facial muscles and circulation using massage techniques is a great way to keep your skin plump, bright and smooth.

How to: Apply face oil to clean skin and using wide, circular strokes, massage along the sides of your jaw, the corners of your mouth, next to your nostrils and over your cheekbones. Push your skin up and out, never down as this can cause sagging. Continue for a minute then move on to your forehead and around your eyes, taking extra care not to pull the delicate skin.

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