If you’re getting married this summer, these simple, last-minute DIYs will make your day extra special…

Weddings. Stressful, aren’t they? Not so much if you’re just attending one, but if you’re planning your big day, the stress can sometimes get overwhelming. There’s so much to think about, from the guest list (always needs cutting down) to what shoes you’ll wear (Loboutins really are worth it, FYI) and everything in between. It all comes together on the day, but the whole process is a strain on both the mind and the bank balance.

With all the faff of planning the boring stuff, smaller, more enjoyable tasks get left till the last minute and end up being rushed rather than enjoyed. So we’ve put together a list of quick and easy wedding DIYs that you can do as a break from the nightmare that is the seating plan.

Homemade photo booth

Photo booths are hugely popular at weddings – what better way to remember you big day than with a snap of Uncle Tony wearing oversized sunglasses and a fake moustache? – but they can be very expensive.

Luckily it’s easy to make your own. Start by creating a background – cover a large piece of wood or cardboard with chintzy fabric and a string of bunting. Choose an area in your venue to set up – lean the background against a wall and set up a camera and tripod suitable distance in front. You might want to cordon off this area so people don’t drunkenly barge into the camera! Buy a camera remote (about £10) and link it wirelessly to the camera so guests can push the button themselves.

Finally, go to a pound shop and stock up on props. Silly hats, funny masks, fairy wands and stick-on moustaches all look great in photos.

Personalised drinks coasters

Adding personalisation to your wedding is a great way to make it feel more ‘you’, and drinks coasters are super easy to create. Choose a favourite pic of you and your partner, add your names and the date of your wedding and print on glossy photo paper. Then commandeer a laminator (teacher friends are great for this), laminate multiple photos and then cut to size.

Chalkboard signs

If your wedding is an outdoor affair or there are multiple locations, signage can be a useful way to direct your guests to the right spot. Rather than spend a fortune on professional signage, try making your own using arrow-shaped chalkboards – just write on the destination (we think ‘bar’, ‘toilets’ and ‘dancefloor’ are particularly good ones) and hang them around the venue.

Sweetie table

If you’re able to bring outdoor catering into your venue, a sweetie table is a great way to keep guests happy and encourage ‘sugar rush’ dancing! Buy old-fashioned sweets in bulk online along with plastic jars, scoops and striped paper bags. Throw a vintage tablecloth over a table, set up the sweeties, add a vase of flowers or a string of bunting and let guests serve themselves.

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