Forget big bulging suitcases because this holiday season, miniscule is the new chic. We have some sneaky tips we want to share with you about packing light but indulging in style.There’s nothing elegant about arriving at your gorgeous hotel looking glamorous but struggling to drag a grande suitcase along. Our first tip is to find a suitcase that fits but ensure you have carried out your research into the destination and weather.

City breaks will require chic comfort for all the walking, dining and evening entertainment. Sunshine sojourns demand looser fitting attire to maximise the enjoyment of the sun’s rays. Alpine adventures will, of course, require layers; and lots of warm ones!

Linen Loose Cut Trousers

At the earliest possible opportunity have a look at what the weather forecast is. Now it’s time to open those wardrobe doors and chest of draws for a proper examination. This is your perfect excuse to identify some staple garments that you might need to maximise your holiday style.

Casual during the day and into the evening

Choose one staple garment for each day you’re there (there’s no problem in re-using them as you’ll see). It could be a pair of loose fitting trousers like our Linen Loose Cut which will work dressed down with a t-shirt and sandals during the day or smartened up with heels, dress-top and blazer in the evening.

From trendy shopping style to beach beauty

A smart vest top like our Plain Jersey and Lace Vest Top tucked into trousers makes for a trendy oh la la statement for a day sight-seeing. Paired with shorts, big hat and shades, it becomes the perfect beach chill out ensemble.

Jewelled Leather Sandals

Footwear for all occasions

We all know footwear is of grande importance when on holiday so choose wisely. Jewelled Leather Sandals can be dressed up or dressed down; perfect for space saving when one pair can complement trois outfits.

And to the suitcase. When you know what you want to take, you can edit according to the space your suitcase affords. Remember, holiday chic isn’t about cramming it all in, it is about mixing and matching your holiday capsule wardrobe.

What are you holiday must-haves?

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