Cold wind, central heating, the party season – winter can play havoc with your skin.Whether you’re dry, oily or somewhere in between, at this time of year it’s always wise to give your skin a little extra TLC. Winter weather can be particularly harsh to skin, and going from freezing cold streets to centrally heated living rooms can leave your face looking dry and dull.

To perk up your complexion and get some of that glow back, we’ve put together a handy guide for protecting your skin through the winter months.

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

A good moisturiser will form a protective barrier between your skin and the elements. Apply in the morning as a base for your makeup, then use a thicker night cream in the evening to repair your skin as you sleep.

For oily skin types, look for lighter, oil-free moisturisers that protect without clogging pores.

Smoothly does it

Central heating can make skin dry and dehydrated, which leads to flaky patches – not a good look! Use a facial exfoliator once a week to slough away dead cells and reveal the radiant skin beneath.

Wrap up warm

Snuggling into a scarf will keep you toasty AND protect your skin. Look for a wool mix style to prevent irritation and wrap around your mouth and nose to stop lips getting chapped when the wind blows. We love this cosy woven stole.

Bit of bronzer

You might not want a top-to-toe tan in winter, but carefully applied bronzer can really warm up the skin. Apply to your temples, cheekbones and forehead with a light hand for a subtle glow.

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