After I had my baby over 12 months ago, adaptions to my wardrobe from maternity to transitional (post pregnancy) were a must. I wasn’t one of those people who slipped back in to their size 10 jeans the week after giving birth… do those people really exist??

You don’t need to live in your pyjamas or tracksuit bottoms after having a baby, although it would be easy to do that. I found that getting up, dressed and putting a bit of lippy on really helped me to maintain some kind of decorum in what was for me quite a turbulent time.

I am going to share a few tips that I found useful when pulling my post pregnancy wardrobe together. The aim was to choose easy fashion that I could just throw on in a sleep deprived haze.

So here it goes…

I kept an endless supply of vests in my wardrobe, they were like my security blanket – giving an extra layer to hide my post pregnancy tummy but also allowing me to wear loose fitting tops (without a button down) to breast feed. I just lifted my top and pulled my vest down to create a neat little gap for my little girl to feed with minimal exposure.

This Ellos vest is a great price and is available in a variety of colours.

post pregnancy wardrobeTeamed with this pretty polka dot blouse and a pair of slim fit jeans you have a comfortable and feminine look. I continued to wear my skinny maternity jeans for at least 4 months after having Amelie… It took a while for me to accept my new body shape before I invested in a new pair of jeans.

I incorporated lots of pattern in my wardrobe, camouflaging a multitude of stains from vomit to general dribbles and leakages. My wardrobe was full of button down shirts like this Soft Grey number.

A good range of scarves were very handy for feeding in public. I opted for this oversized bear print scarf .

I love this casual shirt dress! It is so easy to wear; you can just throw it on with a pair of tights for a comfortable yet stylish look. The button down front is practical if you are feeding and the cotton fabric is kind to baby’s skin.

An oversized knit is also a must have wardrobe essential – I lived in my La Redoute cashmere cardigan post pregnancy. I have fond memories of snuggling up with my little girl in the winter months wearing this cardigan.

I snapped mine up in the sale; it is a bit pricey but totally worth the investment. It didn’t malt like other soft knits tend to, so I didn’t find fluffy bits up her nose.

 When I finished feeding, the most liberating experience for me was binning my maternity / feeding (no-underwired) bras and splashing out on some nice new undies. I started to feel like myself again when I did this, I finally had my body back!


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