Q:  ‘I’m not someone who dresses up very often but when I do I want to make sure I buy something I can wear all the time. I wear a lot of denim, how can I work this into my evening wardrobe?’

A: Don’t worry when we say denim for evening wear we don’t want you to do a Justin and Britney circa 2001. You can do double denim in a more elegant way for the evening, perfect for those after work drinks. The French have this down to a T.

Personal Stylist: How do I make denim dressy?

You can start off with a classic denim shirt in a light wash. This R essentials shirt is perfect for your evening look, the western inspired stitching makes it a little different from your average shirt. Button this all the way up to the top and add a statement necklace, like this one, under the collar.

Personal Stylist: How do I make denim dressy?

Next you need the perfect jeans – because we are already wearing a light coloured denim you’ll need to bag yourself a pair of black wash jeans. These straight black jeans are the ideal pair for teaming with your shirt. You could tuck this into your jeans or have it a little more casual and keep it out.

To finish off your look you need a statement heel. These floral Soft Grey heels are the perfect height if you don’t like skyscraper heels. The ankle strap offers support too. You could roll up the bottom of your jeans a little to show off the shoes too.

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