We’re still clinging on to our promise to get fit for 2016… luckily these nifty gadgets are making it easier.

Have you ever stumbled across the Health app on your iPhone and marvelled at the fact it counts your steps without you even knowing (go on – check in now and see how many you’ve done today)? We have. FYI, it really is possible to take fewer than 50 steps, especially if it’s Sunday and you’ve got Grey’s Anatomy season 11 to get through.

Fitness gadgets are officially A Thing and there are loads out there, from simple step trackers to leggings that measure your strides. Yes, really. Here are five of our faves…

Our favourite fitness gadgets

Fitbit Blaze watch
If you’re new to fitness gadgets, this is the one for you. It’s a simple, easy-to-use smart watch that records everything from steps and heart rate to sleep and floors climbed. And it automatically recognises when you’re exercising rather than just walking, so you can wear it every day if you like.

GoPro Hero4 Session camera
This 8MP camera also has HD video recording, making it great for cyclists and skiers wanting to capture their activity. If you cycle to work, it’s really useful for recording your journey in case of accident.

KuaiWear headphones
Handy wireless headphones that do more than just blast Bieber into your ears – they’re fitting with a sensor that provides real-time feedback about your performance as you exercise… like a mini personal trainer. And they’re waterproof up to three metres, so great for swimming, too.

Lumo Run leggings
If you don’t like bulky watches or wearing your phone on your arm while you work out, these clever leggings might be the answer. The sensor technology in the waistband tracks steps, stride length and pelvic rotation (although we’re not sure why that last one matters) among other things. They’ll go in the washing machine too – winner.

Jawbone Up3 tracker
This stylish bracelet tracker is packed with sensors to monitor your sleeping patterns. It looks at heart rate, respiration rate, body temperature and skin response and can tell the difference between light and deep sleep for a detailed look at your night.

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