Ah, weddings. Don’t you just love them – even if just to check out who’s wearing the best dress?

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Of course the bride is the star of this fashion show. But as the mother of the bride how can you make sure you’re least the second most fabulous person there?

By stealing style tips from across the channel, that’s how!

French wedding expert Monique Trulove from www.frenchweddingstyle.com shares hers with us – with advice on everything from oversized sunglasses and dressing for your body shape, to that tricky dilemma – hat or no hat.

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French women stay true to their style…

“For a French woman, her daughter’s wedding day is a chance to showcase her style as the feminine head of the family. It’s definitely not the time for a complete fashion U-turn. Forget radical new hairstyles or the latest fashions. A French woman would always stay faithful to her own classic style. So remove the label ‘mother of the bride outfits’ from your mind entirely and search for an outfit that is chic, true to your body shape and makes you feel like a movie star.”

French women don’t over-accessorise…

“For the French woman who has fashion at her fingertips, accessories are there to enhance the outfit, not to distract from it. Choosing just one signature accessory such as a big diamond ring, oversize hat or vintage clutch may well be all that is needed. After all it is her personality as the stylish mother of the bride that should sparkle, not her accessories.”

French women may pass on the mother-of-the-bride hats…

“French women do love a good hat, but they also know that to be confident, you need to feel comfortable. That’s why if she doesn’t normally wear a hat, her daughter’s wedding day is not the day she’ll start.”

French women are prepared…

“French weddings are normally day-long celebrations, so a French mother of the bride has to prepare for a lot of changing tempos. She’d hate to feel inappropriately dressed for any of them, so may even consider two wedding outfits – a more conservative one for the legal ceremony, say, and one for the evening.”

mother of the bride outfits

French women embrace tailoring…

“Even floaty dresses look great with more structured tailoring on top. That’s why many French mothers of the bride choose to wear a chic blazer. They’re great for an unexpected rain shower or for colder evenings – you can even wear them draped across the shoulders and feel like a French movie star.”

French women would never go to a wedding without…

“Ballet flats, a chic scarf and a pair of oversized sunglasses. A French woman would never be seen dancing barefoot, so a matching pair of ballet flats is a must. A silk scarf can add colour to a plain outfit and adds some stylish warmth, should it get a little cold. The sunglasses are also an essential to hide those tears during emotional moments or disguise weary eyes the morning after the party.”

French women know that less is more…

“Zsa Zsa Gabor may have said, ‘The only place men want depth in their women is in their décolletage’, but the French women always follow the less is more rule when it comes to showing flesh.  Trying to look overly sexy by exposing too much skin simply smacks of trying too hard. Instead, they exude sexiness in what they wear – through classic cut dresses and accessories.”

French women know their body shape

“A French woman knows her body shape and how to dress for it – you’ll never catch her buying the wrong size, or trying to diet into a dress.  Whether she goes for a dress, skirt or trouser suit, one thing’s for sure. Her chosen outfit will fit her perfectly, leaving her free to move, dance and bend down to fix her daughter’s train without worry.”

Now you’ve got the knowledge, get your perfect wedding outfit.

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