Expecting a baby? Congratulations! Here’s how to style that beautiful bump.

Getting dressed while pregnant can be a daunting task. All of a sudden, your boobs are three sizes bigger, your feet have swollen beyond recognition and there’s this huge belly sticking out in front. Your normal clothes have long been consigned to the ‘after baby’s born’ pile and you’re left with two things – a ginormous pair of maternity leggings and your partner’s old hoodie. Not good.

The truth is, no one really wants to spend lots of money on clothing they’ll only wear for 6 months. And maternity wear can be truly hideous – we don’t all want tent-like dresses printed with butterflies, thank you very much.

So, is a stylish pregnancy possible without blowing the bank? We say yes. Here’s how…

Don’t restrict yourself to the maternity section

Maternity shopping is depressing. Most shops don’t have a large selection in-store, so your choices are restricted if you want to try stuff on. Lots of it is hideous, it can be very expensive and it might not even fit if you’re still in the early stages.

 Maternity style – what to wear

Instead of sticking solely to maternity wear, look in your favourite shops for loose clothing with plenty of stretch. This cute printed t-shirt is roomy enough to accommodate a sizeable bump – just size up for a larger fit. We also love this embroidered vest and this stylish two-toned dress.

Comfortable doesn’t have to mean frumpy

Comfort is key in pregnancy, but often that translates to dowdy, frumpy pieces that make you feel worse rather than better. But it’s totally possible to be stylish and comfortable – honestly! This jersey wrap dress is super soft with no zips or buttons to dig in, while this simple t-shirt has a peplum shape to add length for a more comfortable fit. And we love these skinny treggings – the over-bump band feels secure but is totally hidden, so they look just like regular jeans.

‘Special’ pieces are totally possible

Tracking down the perfect white shirt, most flattering bikini or wedding guest dress can seem impossible even without the bump, and even more so when you’re expecting. But with a bit of research, it is possible.

If you have an important work event coming up, this crisp white shirt is loose enough to keep your comfy while still looking sleek and smart with straight leg trousers and a sharp blazer. Got a holiday coming up? We love this stylish two-piece , worn high over your bump for a retro look. And for a summer wedding, this empire line maxi dress will look great with some chunky heels and a clutch bag.

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