What an exciting day at London Fashion Week following Lizzy around the bright lights of Soho.


Lizzy’s day started off with a good old vegetarian breakfast to set her up for the day. It is inevitable that the buzz of fashion week doesn’t make food a priority so a good brekkie is a must!



Now to Brewer Street! Wearing our Coralie Marabelle shorts and shirt combo, Lizzie headed to the J.js Lee and Felder Felder Shows.


J.JS Lee Show

J.js Lee Show (above)

Felder and Felder show

Felder Felder (above)


Time for a coffee stop! Fashion Week is a lot less glamorous than one thinks, this year the new Brewer Street location called for a lot of walking from show to show and the odd dash of rain, making the odd coffee and juice boost essential! Lizzy stopped at a quaint Soho café to revive and get to business on Twitter and Instagram.


FullSizeRender (00000006)
Coffee 2


Lizzy went back to Brewer Street to check out the street style (some crazy outfits there) and mingle with some fellow fashion bloggers.



The John Smedley presentation mirrored the muted shades of Lizzy’s usual attire interestingly!

John Smedley Presentation 2

John Smedley

Lizzy loves the Coralie Marabelle range so go check it out here and look at her fabulous blog Shot From The Street too!

Sophie Speight

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