Christmas can be a crazy time so if you are looking for something to do over the Christmas holidays with the kids – then look no further. Making your own Christmas cards is a great way to pass the time and you can really go to town on them too. We are here to show you our La Redoute Printable Xmas card.La Redoute Printable Xmas cardLa Redoute Printable Xmas card

 We had a go at making a card of our own – you can print it out and use it! All you have to do is stick them together and fold in the right places. And et voilà! Of course we had to add the Eiffel Tower in a nod to our French heritage.

Or you could have a go at making you’re own, the possibilities are endless. Just click here to make your own card.  You can add your own text and images. There is nothing more personal than a home made card, we like to get crafty over Christmas. This is a great activity for readers with children. You could get some glitter glue, stickers etc for them to decorate the cards with. This will keep them busy for a few hours!

Laura Anderson
La Redoute's PR and Social Media Manager by day. Loves a good brew, denim and Prince.

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