At this time of year when the nights are at their longest (I swear there were weeks last year where the sun just didn’t bother to come up fully at all) it’s worth turning attention to the home.

la redoute homewareI love this point when the weather suddenly turns icy cold, the wind picks up and the leaves provide a pavement carpet for your commute. Of course, what I love even better is coming home, lighting a fire and curling up inside; for which the Homeware section of the La Redoute website is suddenly more interesting to me (briefly, anyway) than the fashion.

The clocks go back in a couple of weeks so I’ve ordered some bedding and, thinking ahead a few weeks ago, got this lovely cushion cover with a rabbit print. It isn’t in stock at the moment but there’s some lovely, very affordable cushion covers still here.

A couple of years back I got some colourful tealight holders from La Redoute too and they come out every winter to twinkle and give off a warm glow in my otherwise chilly, high-ceilinged lounge.

In fact, my favourite way to deck out my home is to spot things and figure out how they can fit in. Not for me the long trips around massive homeware stores choosing matching everything all at once – I like a bit of eclecticism.

And if you can’t get away with pairing up a tartan wool blanket, with a La Redoute cushion, Poang chair, antique drinks cabinet, standard lamp and wall stickers in your own home, where can you, eh?

Ali Schofield
Leeds-based freelance lifestyle journalist. Likes: Quorn, dance, ethical fashion and writing about self in third person

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