There are some pretty awesome women bossin’ it out there at the moment – here are just a few of them!

From film directors to authors, actors to scientists – so many women are owning their industries and kicking ass at the top of their game. We’re inspired by their drive and blown away by their talent, so it only seems right to dedicate a post to their awesomeness, don’t you think?

Here are just a few of the kick-ass ladies we’re loving right now…

Shonda Rhimes
If you’ve ever binged on a Scandal box set or wept your way through a season of Grey’s Anatomy, you have Shonda Rhimes to thank. She’s the superstar TV writer and producer behind them both as well as our new obsession, How to Get Away With Murder. And she’s been named one of Time magazine’s 100 People Who Help Shape The World… so a pretty big deal, then.

Amy Poelher
From Saturday Night Live to Parks and Recreation, Amy Poelher has been making us laugh for a long time. She’s acted, directed and produced her way to the top of the comedy scene, often with her BFF Tina Fey by her side. And we bet she’s great fun on a night out.

Ruth Crilly
We’ve been watching Ruth on YouTube for years – a successful working model, she set up her blog A Model Recommends to share beauty secrets from the industry, and it’s now expanded to include fashion, home wares and her beautiful daughter, Angelica. She’s a great example of how to juggle family life and a successful career, and we love her for sharing the bumps in the road.

Ok, ok, it’s an obvious choice, but… we *love* Adele. The singer took a break from the music industry when her son was born, but now she’s back with a bang and an album we literally can’t stop listening to. We love her no-nonsense attitude, she’s got a great sense of humour and her eyeliner’s always on fleek. What a babe.

Kristina Hellenga
After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 23, Kristina went on to set up breast cancer charity CoppaFeel! with her twin sister Maren. CoppaFeel! educates young people about the dangers of late diagnosis of breast cancer and helps thousands of women understand the importance of regular checks. Due to her own late diagnosis, Kristina now lives with terminal cancer and has beaten all the odds over the last five years. A true inspiration.

Jen Allison
Jen is an online writer with a penchant for rose gold jewellery and oversized knitwear. She’s a stickler for grammar, loves a good book and can’t get enough of Instagram.

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