Last week we had a chance to have a quick chat with Jacqueline Demeterio – the costume designer for The Intern.

How did you get into costume design?

I was working as a personal shopper assistant at Barneys New York and one of our clients was Patricia Field. I would help her shop for Sex and The City and her other projects. I had been doing some styling work on the side as well and wanted to pursue it outside of Barneys. Patricia suggested that I join her design team on the first Sex and The City film. I stayed on her team for quite a few projects and she taught me the world of production. Styling and fashion came naturally to me but I wasn’t familiar with film and television. It was something that I really started to enjoy and it was quite different from styling. I am lucky enough that I can crossover and do both!

Jacqueline Demeterio - Costume design - the intern

How do you start planning outfits for a movie – there must be a lengthy process involved to get the characters right?

I start by reading the script a couple of times and really start to familiarize myself with each character and their storyline as well as their background. What type of person is this? Where did they come from? All of this is crucial to their wardrobe. We then break the script down to determine how many changes each character has. Then I begin creating inspiration boards for each character. For The Intern, I created keynote boards of images from fashion magazines, pinterest,, fashion street style, and the collections from runway shows. I then sit down with the director and we discuss the concept for each character and view the images together.
The next step is to begin shopping and filling the room with clothing, shoes, and accessories. From there, I usually style out a rack or more of full looks that I want to try on the actor or actress. We then begin the very crucial part which is the fittings. That is where you truly discover the characters.

What has been the best show/movie you have worked on?

This is a very difficult question for me to answer! I have to say I really enjoyed The Intern and The Other Woman. Both of those films really captured my aesthetic and love of chic modern clothing. But that being said, I really have enjoyed every project that I have or am currently working on. There is a wide range and they have all brought me truly different and memorable experiences.

What do you admire about French fashion?

French fashion is my absolute favourite. My favourite designers include Celine, Saint Laurent, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga, Chloe, Givenchy, Chanel, Lanvin, and Nina Ricci. I have always been inspired by the style of Emmanuelle Alt, Carine Roitfeld, Lou Doillon, and Caroline De Maigret. I admire the way they dress. Their look has such a cool ease to it. Nothing looks over styled and their is a classic form to it however, their is nothing conservative about it.

What are the pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobe?

A classic overcoat, a leather motorcycle jacket, a great pair of jeans, a good fitting bra (undergarments are crucial!), a pencil skirt, a sexy pump, LBD, a black blazer, a designer handbag, a watch, a piece or more of fine jewelry that you can wear everyday, one or two pieces of a trend each season to mix in with your classic pieces (e.g. the off the shoulder blouse this spring), a fedora, and easy summer dresses that you can throw on to wear from the beach to the city with sandals.



The Intern is out on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital HD from February 29.


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