Red lipstick is a staple in any Parisian makeup bag. It’s a classic shade that’s long been associated with timeless style and glamour, but it can be a tricky colour to wear.

La Redoute’s love affair with French fashion means we’re a dab hand at red lips – we know there’s a shade to suit every skin tone, and we’ve got all the tips for perfect application. So take a look at our guide to red lipstick, and don’t forget to tweet us a selfie when you’ve found yours!

 How to wear red lipstick

Selecting your shade

There are countless red lipsticks out there. At first glance the choice can seem overwhelming, but there’s actually an easy way to find out which is the shade for you – the perfect red lipstick should make your teeth look whiter. You can test this without even applying – just hold the bullet up to your teeth and take a look.

If you want to whittle it down a little, you can match your perfect shade to your skin tone. Fairer complexions look great in cherry reds, medium tones can pull off orange reds and darker skins make tangerines pop.

Prep your lips

Red lipstick is unforgiving, so make sure your lips are smooth before you start. Exfoliate with a soft toothbrush to slough away any dry skin, then apply a nourishing lip balm. Balms can effect the finish of a lipstick, so let it do its job for a few minutes then gently blot away with a tissue. Ta da – a clean canvas for your lipstick!

 How to wear red lipstick

To line or not to line?

Thanks to Kylie Jenner, lip liner is having a real moment. Liner helps keep lipstick in place and stops it bleeding into fine lips – it’s especially important for red lipstick, as any smudges are instantly noticeable.

Line your lips using a pencil that matches your chosen shade. Start by drawing an ‘x’ on your cupid’s bow, then follow the outline all the way round. If you want to plump your pout, draw just beyond your natural lip line. To give your lipstick extra staying power, fill in your lips with the pencil to create a base.

Pucker up

Time to perfect that pout! We like to apply our lipstick straight from the bullet, but you might like to use a brush here instead. Sweep your shade across the lips, taking care to stay within your lip liner. The ‘finger suck’ trick is a great way to remove excess lipstick from the inside of your mouth, meaning it won’t transfer to your teeth. Finally, blot with a tissue for a natural look.

We wear our red lips with classic black eyeliner, undone hair and a Breton stripe top for serious French style. Gorgeous!

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