Bonfire Night is one of our favourite winter celebrations – there’s something very special about watching the sky light up while cuddled in a coat with a mug of something warm (and preferably alcoholic).

If you don’t fancy trudging to your local fireworks display this year, why not throw one of your own? If you’ve got a bit of outdoor space, it’s an easy and fun way to get family and friends together. Here are our tips…

The fire
Ok, be careful with this one. We don’t recommend lighting a great big bonfire in your back garden! But if you’re set on toasting marshmallows over an open flame, why not invest in a fire pit? They’re quick and simple to set up with kindling, fire lighters and some logs and everything’s safely contained – just remember to keep an eye on it and stoke it when the flames die down.

The food
Bonfire Night food should be warm and hearty – think baked potatoes, bowls of chilli and. of course. toffee apples. We love this recipe for homemade toffee apples, which you can dip in all manner of toppings to make a selection of fun desserts.

The décor
To give your outdoor space a cosy feel, hang lanterns from branches and string outdoor fairy lights around trees. Keep guests warm with plenty of cushions and a stack of wool blankets, like this rustic check version.




The fireworks
On to the main event – the fireworks! If you’re stuck for space, sparklers are a great way to add a little fun. Just don’t forget your gloves!

If you have room for a proper fireworks display, make sure it’s properly planned, let your neighbours know and always follow safety instructions. This handy site has lots of information on how to have a fun and safe Bonfire Night.

Hope yours goes with a bang!

Jen Allison
Jen is an online writer with a penchant for rose gold jewellery and oversized knitwear. She’s a stickler for grammar, loves a good book and can’t get enough of Instagram.

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