Summer’s not over yet! There are still plenty of sunny days ahead (we hope… don’t let us down, Mr Weatherman!), so we recommend making the most of them with a late summer garden party.

Garden parties are a great way to get friends and family together. Whether you’re throwing a casual BBQ or a chic picnic, we have plenty of tips to make sure yours is the most stylish party on the street.

Dress for the occasion

You might not be travelling further than your own backyard, but a garden party is a great excuse to get a bit dressed up. A pretty printed dress with wedge heels is a classic look – we love this retro style with long sleeves in case the weather turns! Or go for laidback cool in dungaree shorts and a Breton stripe tee. You could even go for a fun dress code and get your guests involved too – think 1940s glam!

 host a summer garden party

Spruce up your space

Whether you’ve got a sprawling lawn (we wish!) or just a bit of decking, some carefully-chosen accessories will make your space look inviting. String fairy lights around plants, hang paper lanterns from branches, place jars of wild flowers on tables and light candles when the sun goes down.

Think about food

Catering for large groups of people can be a struggle, so keep it simple. BBQs are perfect for garden parties – traditional burgers and sausages work well for USA-themed gatherings, while marinated chicken skewers and smoked fish make for a classy affair.

 host a summer garden party

Side dishes are important too. A tasty potato salad will go a long way, and no one can resist a creamy hummus – make it homemade with this quick and easy recipe.

Always be prepared

Late summer is usually warm and sunny, but we are in the UK – the weather is anything but predictable! Make sure you’re ready for a sudden rain shower with a gazebo for quick shelter – keep the food under here too, just in case!

Even the hottest days can turn chilly quickly, especially when the sun sets – a stack of vintage crochet blankets will keep your guests warm, and you could even get a fire pit blazing for after dark. Perfect for toasting marshmallows!

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