Carnaby Street played host to The Jeans for Genes Laundrette where Timur Kim did a jeans customisation workshop on our very own La Redoute jeans! Bloggers and journalists loved the workshop!

Don’t you agree that this is a great way to jazz up a plain pair of jeans? So why not have a go at home? Timur shows you how:

How to Customise Jeans By Timur Kim

What you need:

1 x Iron (with a teflon cover on for the best effect)

1 x Pair of Scissors

Sheets of dry glue

A pair of jeans (La Redoute!)

Different coloured / textured fabrics


Step by Step guide:

  1. Put two sheets of the fabric glue on the back of the fabric

timur glue

2. Spray steam from the iron to pre-glue the fabric

iron spray

3. Trim the edges slightly


4. Then place it on top of the jeans then iron, applying pressure and steam onto it for about 5 minutes.

pressure to jeans

5. Continue to add fabric swatches to the jeans like this and voila you have a trendy pair of Timur Kim inspired jeans!

Why not head to our jeans page to grab some to customise?

Sophie Speight

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