The quickest and easiest way to add detail to a room is to hang a picture. Photos and framed prints bring colour and interest to simple spaces, brightening them in an instant.


One of our favourite current interior trends is the picture gallery wall, where multiple frames are hung side-by-side to create an eye-catching feature. It takes a little more effort, but the finished look is stylish and can be tailored to suit your taste – from sleek and minimal to eclectic and bold.

To create your own picture gallery wall, follow our simple steps…

  1. Plan your prints

A mix of photos and posters make for a great gallery wall – try going for a monochrome theme, or mix things up with a clash of colours.

  1. Mix and match frames

We think lots of different frames work best for a gallery wall – think ornate gold sitting next to dark wood, or bright plastic mixed with natural wood. You could even add in mirrors, a small clock or some wall decorations.

  1. Measure up

The most important part of creating a gallery wall is the measuring up. You’ll be drilling holes, so make sure they go in the right place! Arrange your frames on a piece of paper and draw around each one so you have a template. Tack this up on the wall and use it as a guide.

  1. Drill your holes

Only drill into a wall if it belongs to you – if you rent your property, try ‘no more nails’ sticky hooks instead.

  1. Hang and admire

All that’s left is to hang your frames, make sure they’re straight and stand back to admire them!

How To Create A Picture Gallery Wall

Once your gallery wall is done, it’s really easy to chop and change your frames and prints – just make sure you replace with the same size. Think of it as a real art gallery, and you’re the curator!

Jen Allison
Jen is an online writer with a penchant for rose gold jewellery and oversized knitwear. She’s a stickler for grammar, loves a good book and can’t get enough of Instagram.

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