With Summer just around the corner, now is the time to get into shape. We know that not everyone has time to hit the gym with a busy schedule to juggle. So we thought’d we’d compile a few little exercises you can try at home.

Home Fitness in 5

1. Skipping is perfect for doing at home. You can do it in the house, if you have high ceilings or even outside! It burns around 10 calories a minute and helps to tone your legs, bum, shoulders and arms. Did you know that “Dabbing a little eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil on your neck and temples has a cooling effect on the body and also opens up the nasal passage to help you to breath better during your workout.”  – Fitness blogger Lydia Elise Millen.

2. Ever tried a Hula Hoop as a child? Investing in a weighted hula hoop not only helps to tone your core muscles but also burns 7 calories a minute. It’s also really good fun!

3. Use the space around you. Have a spare wall at home that you can stand flat against? Stand with your back against the wall and start to move down into a squat position. Go as low as you can and feel the burn!

Home Fitness in 5

4. Can’t tear your eyes away from the TV? How about doing some exercise while you watch? If you have some small weights at home you can sit and do some arm curls while you catch up on your favourite shows. Don’t have any weights? Use some tins from the kitchen cupboard.!

5. Got a set of stairs at home? Running up and down your stairs will burn roughly 100 calories per 10 minutes. Next time you need to nip upstairs, run instead.

These beautiful inspirational images are courtesy of Fitness blogger Lydia Elise Millen who wears items from our summer sportswear range

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