Food is an important part of life in France – eating it, cooking it, sometimes even growing it. In Paris, the stylish studio apartments are often too small for proper kitchens and so eating out is common… but in the countryside, homemade food is trés chic. And it requires a kitchen to match!

The French Farmhouse Kitchen is airy and spacious, with whitewashed walls and scrubbed wooden worktops. Glass doors let in sunlight (and maybe even a couple of chickens), and lead out onto rolling hills. There’s always something bubbling on the hob, from fresh, filling soup to a sweet tomato sauce.

You might not be able to recreate the French farmhouse lifestyle exactly, but you can add a little countryside style into your own kitchen.

Get The Look – French Farmhouse Kitchen

A quick kitchen makeover

In any sociable kitchen, the dining table is at the heart. If you can, move your table to the centre of the room and decorate with crisp white linens and potted plants to create a welcoming space. A fresh-from-the-oven crusty baguette may also help!

Light shades like white, powder blue and pale grey will help lift a darker kitchen – sand down cupboard doors and paint for an instant makeover. To keep things neat, use pleated curtains to hide open storage spaces, or keep kitchen gadgets in wicker baskets. Hanging pots and pans from the ceiling is also a great way to maximise storage space without the clutter.

To give your kitchen an authentic feel, store herbs and spices in glass jars and keep them on display. Growing herbs can be potted and popped on the windowsill, while dried garlic makes a great garland to hang from a shelf!

For the finishing touches, a bunch of lavender in a mason jar makes a great centrepiece for the table, and traditional white and red tea towels add to the rustic look. Now you just need to whip up a Beef Bourguignon and invite people in!

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