Known for her laid-back rock & roll style and loved by street-style bloggers and photographers around the globe, French Vogue’s editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt is the indisputable pioneer of modern French cool. Her signature look – an essentially masculine aesthetic with a touch of French sex appeal – is simple, classic, timeless and easy to achieve.

Think loose tops and shirts teamed with low-slung ankle skimming jeans, heeled pumps, a piece of statement jewellery and a pair of sunglasses. Hair is left long, natural and ‘un-done’ or casually tied back, make-up is minimal. If you’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, this might be a style that calls to you, although it’s important not to confuse casual with scruffy, or tomboy with shapeless. The look is strong, sexy, with a bit of an edge and it begs to be worn with a healthy dose of French attitude!

French Style Icons – The French Vogue TeamAlt’s iconic style has spawned a legion of fans and copy-cats, including, it would seem, other French Vogue team members; stylist Geraldine Saglio and fashion and market editor Capucine Safyurtlu are often seen by Alt’s side at Fashion Week looking remarkably similar to the editor.

Get the French Vogue Team look with our cropped jeans, a casual tee or a masculine-style shirt. Don’t think you can’t pull the look of if you’re not as tall or svelte as these girls, a longer t-shirt, tunic or shirt paired with skinnies from our plus size range will work just as well. And whatever your size, finish the look with a pair of single sole heels.

The French understand the understated allure of exposed ankles and wrists, so for maximum impact wear your shirt or blazer sleeves rolled up a little and be sure to master the Vogue ‘half tuck’ where the front of your shirt or tee is tucked into your jeans and the back left casually hanging out.

Keep things simple with classic colours, blue, black, navy, white, grey, khaki and timeless pieces – jeans, black leather jacket, military-style shirt, simple tees, a well-cut blazer. To accessorise choose one or two pieces of jewellery or copy Capucine and add a playful splash of colour to an all-grey outfit with a gold bangle and multi-coloured friendship bracelet combination.

Voilà – insouciant charm perfected!

Clair Janchote
La Redoute's Catalogue Coordinator - loves being the first to see the new collections!

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