Over the years, I have experimented with all kinds of fashion, not to mention skincare routines and makeup looks. In times of stressed skin or that drab feeling all women sometimes get, I always find my way back to the ‘French’ way. Minimalist. 

I’ve learnt that simple makeup and clothes portray the chicest of looks and give you that timeless classic feel.

But how you may be wondering? Well, I have put my research over the years to good use and created a series of rules to live by. They are so simple, yet promise to deliver an air of elegance no matter the occasion.

Court Shoes, 8.5 cm Heel1) If you want to wear jeans – add heels. Even if it’s a simple Saturday having coffee with friends, adding some high heels to a jean and white T-Shirt look will give you the ultimate sophistication and promise to make you look super sexy without even really trying.

2) Keep your palette simple – Whether it’s your clothes, your wardrobe or even your home; a neutral palette will give you a polished look. Stick to beiges, greys, black, white and navy. If you feel too bare, add a pop of colour via accessories such as a statement necklace or bright scarf.

3) Focus on one feature – When it comes to makeup the French way, it’s always simple. That doesn’t have to mean boring. Choose one facial feature and maximise on it. Bright, pillarbox red lips should be toned down with a clear complexion, a touch of bronzer on the cheeks and a touch of mascara. Alternatively, if you want to make your eyes pop, add a feline flick with gel eyeliner balanced out with lashings of clear lip balm.

coconut4) Find multiple uses for a favourite product – As oils have become more and more popular in the UK, they have actually been used for centuries throughout Europe. My favourite discovery has to be coconut oil. I apply it to the ends of my hair before bed to restore damage, I rub it on my cuticles daily for healthy and shiny nails, I use it on my legs in the bath before shaving for ultimate smoothness and more recently I have applied it as a morning moisturiser.

5) Keep mornings low maintenance – Start the day without washing your face; simply wipe your face with some micellar water. Apply plenty of moisturiser to your face and body. Keep makeup to an absolute minimal, with your skin bare and glowing. Smell divine – the French beauties smell alluring by adding a strong feminine scent. My best tip on scent is to add to pulse points, then spritz it high in the air and walk through it.

Do you live by any of these rules? Or maybe you have your own little secret you want to share? Tell us below, your secret is safe with us. Mwah x

I currently write for my own blog www.SLStevo.com and create video reviews and tutorials for makeup and beauty products on www.YouTube.com/SLStevo I also work with fashion and beauty clients in writing blog posts and creating content for social media channels. I have a keen interest in all things that are beauty and fashion related.

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