January is the month we take stock – maybe it’s time for a cosmetic clear out?

On January 1st, I opened my bathroom cabinet to find some paracetamol (hello, New Year hangover) and out tumbled five different face washes. As I stacked them precariously back in place, I looked around and realised the entire room was bursting with beauty products. And it’s not just the bathroom – my makeup bag is overflowing and I have a whole storage system dedicated to nail varnish.

My name is Jen, and I have an out-of-control beauty stash.

In the spirit of the New Year, fresh starts and life improvements, I decided to take action and clear out my cosmetics. A few hours and two bin bags later, I’d streamlined my collection and it felt great. Here are my tips…

  1. Tackle your stash in stages

Start in the bathroom with your skincare, then move on to makeup, hair care, body products, etc. Breaking the task down into individual stages will make it easier to deal with.

  1. Throw away anything unusable

It sounds obvious, but you’ll be amazed at how many unusable products are hiding in your stash. As you work through your collection, check for out of date products, formulas that have split and anything that’s leaking.

  1. Check for duplicates

Do you really need five identical red lipsticks? How about those three bottles of conditioner? Streamline your collection by removing any unnecessary duplicates.

  1. Be ruthless

Beauty trends come and go and we’ve all succumbed to the odd frosted lippie or neon hair mascara, but these products quickly fall out of favour and are left to languish at the bottom of your makeup bag. Be honest about what you’ll genuinely use again and get rid of anything you won’t (like that leopard print nail art pen).

  1. Donate, donate, donate

As you go, separate products into two piles – to throw away (anything leaking/broken/out of date) and to donate (new and sealed or nearly new products). Charities like Give and Makeup collect donations of beauty products to give to women in need, so you can reduce your stash and do something good all at once.

Jen Allison
Jen is an online writer with a penchant for rose gold jewellery and oversized knitwear. She’s a stickler for grammar, loves a good book and can’t get enough of Instagram.

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