Accommodation in Paris is extremely expensive, meaning most people live in slightly cramped apartments. Sound familiar? The French have found a way around it. Due to compact living spaces, Parisians learn to be economical and creative with what they have, leading to beautifully unique interior design.
French interior inspiration into my home. Here are some French fashion and beauty storage trends that I kept in mind whilst decorating my new space…

Clothes as art

Fashion and Beauty Storage the French Way

The French are obsessed with quality – it wins over quantity every time. They have fewer clothes, but these items are more expensive, more exquisite and beautifully versatile. With fewer garments comes more space, but with a higher price tag comes a certain amount of pride for Parisians – meaning they want their items to be showcased rather than hidden away.

In France, fashion is celebrated as an art, and clothes are often used as centrepieces around the house – especially in a working woman’s pied a terres. I’ve seen a fair few of these apartments, and the clothes on display are by far my favourite part of the interior.

The fact that I’m a clothes hoarder is no secret, so I feel no pressure to conform to standard interior rules and keep my clothes out and on show. They are a vital part of my life, so I love having them as an interior focus.


Chic storage

Fashion and Beauty Storage the French Way

Paris is very compact: staircases slotted into spaces, cramped coffee tables in cafes and even the sprawling boulevards fork off into tiny streets leading nowhere. The French are used to this, but they rarely let their wardrobes mirror the city they live in.

Clothes are organised and evenly spaced – and the fact that there are far fewer clothes makes this easier. Shoes will be lined up, and on the clothing rail shirts are organised first, trousers and skirts will follow, and finally blazers and jackets hang at the end.

My first French boyfriend introduced me to this disciplined clothing organisation; he was the only man I had ever dated who cared about the inside of his wardrobe – and oh, how neat it was!


 Beauty with character

Fashion and Beauty Storage the French Way

Another space that is never over-crowded in a Parisian home is the bathroom.  Only one bottle of each product is kept next to the sink, or piled neatly inside a cabinet above.

Many French women are fond of Vanity Dressers – which I also love – and usually purchase these from antique markets on the city’s outskirts.

Fashion and Beauty Storage the French Way

They often keep precious jewellery, perfumes and a red lipstick on display here, keeping the surface classy and clear with just the right amount of character.

Audrey Rogers

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