Looking for an excuse to get dressed up? Ladies Day is your chance to wow people with your outfit.

The Great British weather is very unpredictable so no matter what you choose to wear, make sure your outfit has layers. The races are the place to impress with your ensemble, the press are out in force trying to capture the very best outfits. This is your chance to shine! The French do Ladies Day a little differently, with an air of old school glamour. The Qatar Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe is home to the “Beaux Duos” Elegance Award which is awarded to the most stylish couples.

 If you want to make a real impression you should opt for a smart casual dress, we have some fabulous ones at La Redoute. If the weather isn’t on your side go for something with a sleeve, this will stop you getting too cold, without ruining the aesthetic of the outfit. If you want to borrow from the French pick a dress which comes in a luxury fabric. Their outfits are all about remaining elegant at all times, you could try something in lace silk or tulle.

The French make their own style rules, so you could break tradition and ditch the dress. French women love a smart suit, we think everyone should have a tuxedo jacket in their wardrobe. Make sure your suit is expertly tailored and wear a silk blouse underneath for a refined look.

Dressing for the Races

Of course no races outfit is complete without an amazing pair of heels. One thing to keep in mind when choosing your shoes is the amount of standing up you are going to be doing. Of course you want to look good but you also need to be able to stand in your heels for long periods of time. We recommend something with an ankle strap to give you support, court shoes are the perfect height too. A top tip if you still want to go for a towering heel, pop a pair of flats in your bag to change into later.

The finishing touch that any Ladies Day outfit needs, is the panama hat. Wear something wide brimmed to keep those rays away from your eyes, perfect for watching the race!

If you want to follow the French beauty trend for the day, you should let your lipstick do the talking. Pick a bright pop of colour for your lips (something to match your outfit) but keep the eyes understated and smoky.

Laura Anderson
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