Hanging planters are a great way to add greenery to a room, especially if you have a lack of free surfaces. They look super stylish hanging in corners or gathered together in groups to make a focal point in a simple space.

There are lots of hanging planters available on the high street, but why not have a go at creating your own bespoke version? It’s quick, cheap and lots of fun – just follow our easy steps!


You’ll need
A plastic plant pot (the kind without holes in the bottom)
Spray paint in your chosen colour
Natural rope
A metal hook

Step 1
Using your drill, make three holes around the top of your plant pot. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced and not too close to the edge. They should be wide enough for the rope to pass through comfortably.

Step 2
With the holes in place, it’s time to paint your pot! Use a spray paint in the colour of your choice – we love copper tones, but you could go for a zesty orange or fresh mint green. If you’re feeling creative, use tape to mask off half your pot and spray the other half in one colour. When that’s dry, tape it over and spray the unpainted half in a contrasting colour for a stylish two-tone effect. Spraying your pot is best done outside, with newspaper to protect the floor.

Step 3
When your pot is completely dry, cut three pieces of rope to the length you need, making sure you leave enough to secure at the top. Thread each piece of rope through the holes in your pot, then tie them together with strong knot.

Step 4
Affix your metal hook to the spot you want your planter to hang from, then hook the knotted rope over so your planter hangs below. Now just add a plant and you’re all done!

Jen Allison
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