We all know that cycling is quite cool, but let’s face it, the lycra outfits aren’t fetching. But cycling doesn’t have to be unfashionable. Whether you’re cycling as a hobby or cycling for fitness, there are always alternatives to skin tight lycra that will make you feel more comfortable when you ride your bike. Cycle Chic fashion offers fashionable cycling options in comfortable every day clothing.


So, in preparation for the world’s biggest road race, we’re going to give you some cycle chic fashion tips to help you get on your bike this summer.

Cycle chic Brigitte Bardot Dress

We think this Brigitte Bardot Pure Cotton Sleeveless Dress will look great on any rider this summer. The checked pattern looks great and the knee length skirt will give you full movement when you’re pedalling away this summer.

 Two-Tone Dress

Not your style? Well, what about this Two-Tone Sleeveless Softly Draping Dress. We love the blue bodice and polka dot skirt, and the design will give you the colour pop you crave for the summer months.


These dresses will look amazing with a pair of Cotton Crochet Ballet pumps. We picked the flat sole so your feet stay firmly on the pedals, and help you to pull off the ultimate cycle chic look this summer.


If the dresses don’t catch your eye, try these Long Printed Leggings. The thin material will see you through the cycling season, and the versatile design gives you plenty of accessorising options through the summer!


This Mademoiselle R Playsuit screams effortless cycle chic. The floral pattern and softly draping neckline is a great look for warmer days, and will make sure that you take your place at the top of the cycle chic podium.

Do you have any cycle chic fashion tips? Leave a comment and let us know

Watch out for more cycling related blogs leading up to the main event at the beginning of July

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