Think crocheting is just for your Nan? Think again – old lady hobbies are officially in.

Fancy a bit of knitting? Spot of pottery? Afternoon spent meticulously arranging twigs into a wreath? You’re not alone – more and more young people are swapping Snapchat for crafty hobbies.

The Women’s Institute – pioneers of baking, bunting and blue rinses – are seeing growing numbers of under-35s joining their ranks, and Millennials are picking up crafts as a way to escape social media stress and jam-packed schedules. So, if you’re feeling a bit burnt out and want to put some of those Pinterest finds into action, take a look at the crafty hobbies that are now cool…

 Crafty hobbies that are now cool


Trust us – there’s something so soothing about the click of knitting needles. It’s a bit tricky to get the hang of the technique, but once you’ve mastered it you can get cracking on a winter scarf, oversized jumper or pair of stripy socks. The possibilities are endless, and it’s totally transportable, too – so no more boring train journeys.


If you’ve ever used a swirly font to write out your favourite inspirational quote and then shared it on Instagram, calligraphy is for you. Use your newfound skills to create beautiful typography posters and frame them for your wall.


First there was Ghost, then there was The Great Pottery Throw Down, and now pottery is the new baking. Whipping a lump of clay into an actual, working object is deeply satisfying, and you can buy a bunch of peonies to go in it afterwards. Perfect for your Insta grid.

 Crafty hobbies that are now cool

Flower arranging

There’s so much more to flowers than a bunch of M&S tulips in a jam jar. Flower arranging will teach you which flowers work well together, how to mix and match colours to suit your room and the tricks for prolonging the life of your blooms (pro tip – cut 3in off the stems). You could even go a step further and learn how to make decorative wreaths and table centrepieces.


No need to stalk that vintage patchwork quilt on eBay – just make your own! Quilting is a pretty easy craft to pick up and the results are beautiful… you can choose fabrics around a colour scheme or fashion era and transform them into a work of art you’ll keep forever. And you can add in names and dates to personalise your quilts, making them perfect for presents.

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