Now we’ve finally seen the sun, we’re brightening up our wardrobes with a bold splash of colour. It can be tricky to incorporate summer-brights into our daily looks, so we thought we would share some tips on how to master the art of mixing shades.

There are easy ways to add a little dash of colour here and there, maybe with fun accessories or a fancy top, but this season it’s about taking things to the next level, which can seem a little daunting.

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While dressing la tête aux pieds in some colours might seem a bit like a step too far, you can work in some out of the ordinary shades such as yellow with select pieces like these soft printed jeans and team them with a fancy white lace top.  The subtlety of the white mixed with classic lace detailing beautifully balances out the statement colour choice.

However, if you do want to overhaul your look for spring with a complete colour wash, why not try out the coordinating trend and team complementary shades of the same colour. The key is to make sure you mute the stronger tones with soft pastel shades. So some hot pink skinny jeans would work well with a soft pale pink like this super cute lace sleeved top.

Round Neck Blouse with 3/4-Length Sleeves


For those keen to try this look out but are a little apprehensive, blue is the best colour to go for. First, pick out your favourite pair of blue jeans in a style that suits you best. Then style them up or down as you like. With these incredible powdered blue suede sandals, opt for stonewashed skinny jeans, tuck in a light blue tailored shirt and layer over with a sleek timeless navy blue blazer. It’s effortless high fashion in a flash and practical style day to night.



Will you be brave with bold colours this season?

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