Party season is in full swing and we’re determined to throw the best of the year. When it comes to celebrating Christmas, it’s all about the planning!

Hosting the annual Christmas party can be stressful – there’s so much to think about, from making sure you don’t leave Great Aunt Sue off the guestlist to ensuring your décor is welcoming yet festive. Factor in food, music and entertainment and things start to get confusing.

Don’t worry though – we’ve got your back. Successful parties are all about planning and once you’ve got your to do list ticked off, you can let your hair down and celebrate your hostess skills.

The guestlist

First things first – work out who you’d like to invite, and let them know the date sooner rather than later. Asking your friends and family to RSVP might seem a bit formal, but it’ll help you keep track of who can make it and you can update your list as people reply.

The food

Food is probably the biggest thing to consider when it comes to party planning – will you go for a casual buffet or a full sit-down meal? Whatever you decide, plot your menu out early and make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re cooking. Rope in friends to help with the prep – chopping veg always takes much longer than you think!

The music

Music can make or break a party and a great playlist will get people laughing, talking and – most importantly – dancing. Use Spotify to pull together songs that remind you of amazing nights out, brilliant holidays and happy times with your favourite people. Throw in a few Christmas classics and a curveball or two (we recommend The Macarena!) and you’re sorted for the night.

The entertainment

Keeping a roomful of people happy all night long can be a tough task – awkward silences are vibe killers and no one wants to make small talk for 4 hours straight. The answer? Games!

There are loads of fun games designed for big groups, from classic charades to risqué (but hilarious) Cards Against Humanity. Choose a few different ones and split your party into teams for the ultimate Christmas competition.

The décor

It’s temping to throw up a bit of tinsel, light a few candles and be done with the Christmas party décor but if you’re aiming for the wow factor, you’ll need to get more creative.

If you’re having a sit-down meal, make the dining table your main feature by creating a centrepiece with foliage and candles. Chic Christmas decorations look great hanging at the corners of a table while fairy lights can be strung across chairs and from the ceiling to add a warm glow.


Elsewhere, this Pom Pom Bunting can be hung on walls and over doorways to give a room that party feel. We also love these Paper Lanterns which can be grouped together in bunches around the house.

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