Hello, I’m Natasha from A Design Rookie and I was asked the other week to write some posts for La Redoute because of my love for Paris! I jumped at the chance, any excuse to share my obsessive rambles about Paris! I visit Paris every year and when I’m not there, I’m thinking about it. So for my first post, I am going to share with you some of my photos from my trips and give you my top 5 reasons to visit Paris if you have never been.

  The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris Food

Eating out is a way of life for the French, on every corner is a bistro. Sat in the sun with an ice cold drink people watching is one of my favourite things to do when I visit, I love sitting outside at a bistro just admiring the Parisians style. I also love walking down the streets late at night because there is a buzz from all the bistro’s, people chatting and laughing sat outside enjoying some amazing food with friends. I especially love how many of them have their little dogs sat next to them!

The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris Art

Paris is one of the most famous places in the world to visit for art, but art isn’t always found in a museum. Walking by the seine you will often find artists stood painting amazing works of art, it must be great to be surrounded by such a beautiful city for inspiration. If that’s not your type of thing, street art is every where in Paris, you’ll find yourself walking along and suddenly faced with a piece of street art covering a whole wall

The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris


Now it’s no secret that Paris is the most romantic city in the world, and I have not only fallen in love with the city but I have also been in love whilst in the city. Last summer I visited with my boyfriend we put a lock on lovers bridge and even though we were surrounded by tourists it was such a special moment! I cant wait to go back and find our lock amongst the thousands. The above photo of the old couple I took whilst visiting last year, I watched them walk hand in hand around one of Paris’ most beautiful gardens before sitting down to have a talk, it was really adorable. I thought to myself I hope that’s me and my boyfriend in 50 years time.


The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris

The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris


We all know Paris is full of designers, but unless you have a few spare thousand euros your not going to be getting any of that action! However Paris is full of markets that pop up in different neighbour hoods, often the different neighbour hoods stock different items. You’ll find yourself stumbling by accident onto these markets and find yourself looking around for hours! Paris is also full of vintage thrift shops. Prepare yourself though, some of them are a complete battle to even get into, I think my boyfriend was petrified when I took him in. Another great place for a quirky find is by the river, these stalls like the one above have been there for decades, they sell all vintage books and vintage fashion magazines such as Vogue, its great to just stroll by having a look at the old postcards and prints.


The Charms of Paris where to visit in paris

Eiffel tower

My last reason to visit if you have never been is to see the lady herself, the Eiffel tower. It doesn’t matter how many time I go, I still get a massive smile every time I see her. The amazing thing is no matter where you look at her from in the city the view is always different and more beautiful every time!

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