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Style Q&A with ITV Stylist Debbie Harper

Debbie Harper, Head of Wardrobe and Makeup for Good Morning Britain and Lorraine dresses the likes of Kate Garroway, Lorraine Kelly and Laura Tobin – keeping them looking fresh and stylish during early morning TV appearances.

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Personal Stylist: Age Appropriate Occasionwear

Q: I am a petite size 12 in my 50s. I’m looking for a suitable party should be a little sexy..but must have sleeves and be age appropriate.

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Personal Stylist: What to wear on Mother’s Day?

Q: I’m a mum of 2 in my late 30’s. For Mother’s Day myself and the family are going out to a lovely restaurant. I’ve always struggled with dressing for my shape, I’m a pear. I want to look good and be more in touch with ‘fashion’. Can you help?

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Personal Stylist: I’m plus size, how do I wear this seasons trends?

Q: I’m what you would call ‘plus-size’ but I’m very fashion concious and want to look/feel good in what I’m wearing. How do I wear this seasons trends?

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Personal Stylist: What to wear on a Valentines date?

Q: I’m tired of the same old clichés – what do I wear on Valentines day to add that touch of French elegance to my wardrobe?

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Personal Stylist: How do I make denim dressy?

Q:  ‘I’m not someone who dresses up very often but when I do I want to make sure I buy something I can wear all the time. I wear a lot of denim, how can I work this into my evening wardrobe?’

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Personal Stylist: How to wear the new 70’s trend?

Q: I really like some 70’s pieces from this season but I’m finding it hard to style them. Do you have any tips?

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