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Quick and easy wedding DIYs

If you’re getting married this summer, these simple, last-minute DIYs will make your day extra special…

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Crafty hobbies that are now cool

Think crocheting is just for your Nan? Think again – old lady hobbies are officially in.

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Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween gives you the great excuse to get dressed up and make some Halloween treats. If you have kids we’ve found some quick and easy recipes for you to try, if you don’t you’ll have just as much fun making them.

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DIY hanging planter

Hanging planters are a great way to add greenery to a room, especially if you have a lack of free surfaces. They look super stylish hanging in corners or gathered together in groups to make a focal point in a simple space.

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How To: Customise Your Jeans with Timur Kim

Carnaby Street played host to The Jeans for Genes Laundrette where Timur Kim did a jeans customisation workshop on our very own La Redoute jeans! Bloggers and journalists loved the workshop!

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How To Create A Picture Gallery Wall

The quickest and easiest way to add detail to a room is to hang a picture. Photos and framed prints bring colour and interest to simple spaces, brightening them in an instant.

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Ways to Feel Festive

In an effort to find ways to feel festive, we’ve been looking on Pinterest for all the best craft ideas to get you ready for Christmas. There are loads but we’ve found our favourite two.

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La Redoute Printable Xmas card

Christmas can be a crazy time so if you are looking for something to do over the Christmas holidays with the kids – then look no further. Making your own Christmas cards is a great way to pass the time and you can really go to town on them too. We are here to show […]

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5-Step Guide to making a pom-pom

The art of pom-pom making is simple – funnily enough the word pom-pom is derived from the French word pompon which references a small decorative ball made from feathers, fabric, paper or wool.

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