On Saturday we made our way to Lambert’s Yard in Leeds for the first Bloggers Blog Awards, created by Hayley from Tea Party Beauty.

There was around 60 bloggers in attendance from all of the UK which made Lambert’s Yard a touch noisy. Many people had never met each other before so this was a chance to meet those people whose blogs you’d been stalking for a while, so there were lots of excited screams and hugs all round.

We were¬†sponsoring the Best Longstanding Fashion Blog category and the winner was Helen from The Lovecats Inc, unfortunately she couldn’t be there on the day so her award was accepted by another fellow blogger. The highly commended runner up was Sophie from Popcorn & Glitter, congratulations to all of the runners-up in our category.

Bloggers Blog Awards

It was a lovely event where bloggers got to celebrate each others achievements and just have a good old chin ‘wag. Our social media manager got up to do a speech before announcing¬†Helen as the winner, here she is mid joke!

bloggers blog awards

Hayley and Megan posed for a picture together at the venue, both looking lovely in florals.

Here is our Social Media manager in her outfit of the day, you can find the top and jeans she’s wearing on the website.


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