Truthfully, summer is over in my mind. I was lucky enough to have a long one, starting way back in April. So, these final weeks of August are stretching slow. I am thinking ahead, my mind has skipped over this season’s finale and landed smack in the middle of A/W.

 So, it seemed fitting to start shopping and styling some looks for the upcoming colder weather. Which brings me to my new favourite theme: co-ordination and not just matching but layering outfits in identical or similar fabrics, such as a denim suit or snuggly grey wools in different dappled marls and gorgeous worn together. These sorts of ensembles are incredibly easy to pull together, by simply buying a few statement pieces and then wearing these alongside staples you already have, such as a white blouse.

Autumn Winter 2015 Trends

Co-ordination makes an outfit appear polished and well thought out, despite the minimal amount of time and thought it requires. If there is one thing life in Paris has taught me it is to avoid excessive effort when it comes to clothes – an undone sort of chic is always the best way to go.

Autumn Winter 2015 Trends

I drew on some of A/W key’s upcoming trends and threw these into my co-ordinated styling in hopes to inspire you to do the same this season. Grey is set to be the key colour this year, a softer alternative to black and far more cosy. Denim, is a forever a classic, but it seems the a-line statement skirt is here to stay, and for that I am grateful, it is such an easy style to wear, as well as being one of the most versatile pieces in my closet.

Autumn Winter 2015 Trends

So, how do you go about co-ordinating an outfit? Here are some easy tips to help get you started.

  1. Always start with a neutral – this should be layered underneath your corresponding top and bottom. My preferred staple is a white blouse, quite literally suitable for every and any outfit. This basic will keep your look clean and not overdone.

  2. Stick to only 2 matching components: A sweater and trousers, a skirt and jacket. Any more than 2 corresponding prints, colours or textiles will overcrowd the style and make it look messy. Co-ordination is best in a duo.

  3. Be inventive, while monochrome is easy to co-ordinate, it isn’t the most innovative. Here, I tried out grey and denim – I wasn’t so sure how they well they would work but sometimes all you have to do is try. Prints are also a creative alternative as well as suedes or even leathers.

  4. Simplicity, it’s already a bold look – so keep other factors such as makeup and accessories to a chic minimum. I accessorized my looks with nude lipstick and barely there jewellery, this kept the style care-free and easy.

Audrey Rogers

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