It’s usually the most neglected place in the house – time to show the spare room a little love!

What does your spare bedroom look like right now? If it’s anything like ours, it’s a veritable dumping ground for stuff that doesn’t fit anywhere else – Christmas decorations, an old printer, five bags of winter clothes and the emergency dining room chairs. Sigh.

Because they’re not used that often, spare rooms become a bit forgotten and can start to resemble the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter. But with a few clever storage solutions and some decorative touches, you can give your spare room the makeover it deserves, without spending a fortune.

Stylish storage

Spare rooms are often the only source of storage in a house, so it’s important to maximise your options. A storage unit like this has multiple ways to clear away clutter – hang winter coats from the hooks, stack spare shoes on the flat surface and hide bits and bobs away in the cupboard.

If you have a bed in your spare room, use that space under it to your advantage. These shallow storage boxes can be packed with things you want out of sight and retrieved when they’re needed.

Finally, a wall-mounted shelving unit will free up floor space – this wire style has that super-cool industrial look.

Fresh linens

There’s nothing like new linens to freshen up a room. Start with the curtains – a new pair in a light, floaty fabric will brighten your space in an instant, and this embroidered style has that breezy vibe.

If your spare room always gets stuck with the old, slightly greying bed sheets, it’s  time to treat it to something new. We love this pastel printed style, or how about something a little bolder, like this graphic set?

Finish off with some nice new cushions – this cotton style is simple, budget-friendly and comes in a range of shades to match your colour scheme.

 A sleek spare room makeover

Finishing touches

It’s always the little details that make a room look ‘done’, and these are easily missed when decorating a spare room. A few finishing touches here and there will make the room look much more loved – like this textured wool rug, which would love great with a grey colour scheme.

A few candles dotted about will make a difference too, and these marble tealight holders are super stylish. Or how about adding a bit of greenery – this hanging plant pot was made for a pretty trailing ivy… just don’t forget to water it!

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