Stop refreshing Instagram and step away from Snapchat – these are the 8 new apps you need in your life right now.

It’s true – our phone is our BFF. From that first Instagram like when we wake up to that witty retweet just before bed, it’s our constant companion and the one we turn to for everything from a quick laugh to a lengthy rant.

The thing is, though… we’re getting a little bit bored. When you’ve seen one perfectly-manicured hand holding a bunch of peonies in front of a white wall, you’ve seen ‘em all. And is it just us, or does Facebook feel *so* 2007? We’ve been scrolling the same old apps for the last few years, and now we want something fresh.

Luckily the App Store is packed with cool new stuff to try, so we rounded up our faves to share with you. Take a look…

The new social network
Peach, free on iOS

Ok, so you probably don’t need another social network in your life, but Peach is pretty cool. It’s like one long Twitter feed, but without the extra stuff like retweets and DMs. Peach encourages you to share interesting, creative stuff – type ‘GIF’ and you’re prompted to find and share one, or tap in ‘Draw’ and you can get doodling. There are loads more actions (called ‘magic words’) like ‘shout’ (write and post emojis), ‘song’ (share what’s playing right now) and ‘rate’ (rate absolutely anything with 1-5 stars).

There’s also a ‘wave’ feature, which is like a Facebook Poke and sends a push notification to let you know you’ve been ‘waved at’. Kinda retro, but still fun!

The fitness friend
Workout Trainer, free with in-app purchases on iOS and Android

If your New Year’s Resolution is to get fit, this one’s for you. Workout Trainer is simple, easy-to-use and fun, with loads of tutorials to inspire your gym sessions. And it doesn’t take itself too seriously – the ‘Natural Booty Pop’ is a fave of ours!

The focus of Workout Trainer is on wellbeing rather than competitive training, so the videos feel achievable rather than impossible. A must for fitness fans and gym newbies alike.

The silly GIF creator
Giphy CAM, free on iOS

GIFs are internet gold – if you’ve ever seen that one of the panda sneezing or the kitten riding a tortoise, you’ll know what we mean. And now top GIP search engine Giphy have launched Giphy CAM, you can make your own GIFs to hilarious results.

The app lets you create animated GIFs using your own pictures or videos. You can overlay special effects including sunglasses, weird faces and even junk food, then share with your friends and watch the likes roll in. There’s not much substance to it, but this app will keep you amused for… oh, at least 20 minutes.

The language learner
Duolingo, free on iOS and Android

If you’ve been saying you want to learn Spanish for years but have never quite got round to it, Duolingo offers a quick, easy way to get started.

There are 9 European languages to choose from and the learning method is way more fun than GCSE French – photo, speech, audio and typing activities help you pick up the basics fast.

The photo editor
Darkroom, free on iOS

Choosing the perfect filter for your fire selfie is a serious business, and sometimes Instagram’s selection just doesn’t cut it – there’s only so many times we can use Valencia. If you want to do more with your mobile photography, Darkroom should be your next download.

The app is a great photo editor in general, but the filters are particularly useful – by tweaking tones and colours, you can create your own custom filters that suit your photo style then save them to use again and again.

The health tracker
Eve, free on iOS

There are loads of health trackers on the App Store, but we love Eve because it’s specifically for women. It offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use menstruation and ovulation tracker and can help you monitor your sexual health. It’ll even customise your data based on what type of contraceptive you’re using – very clever.

The mobile bookshelf
Pocket, free on iOS and Android

If you’ve ever come across an interesting article only to lose it when 4G drops out, Pocket is a must-have. It acts as a mobile bookshelf, allowing you to save articles and videos to read or watch later. And because you don’t need a signal to see your saved items, it’s perfect for those long tube journeys when you’re stuck in a signal black hole.

The creative outlet
PaintCan, free in iOS

PaintCan is a dedicated painting app for the iPad, but you don’t need any artistic skill to give it a go.

With a mix of preset and manual controls, you can alter any photo to look just like a painting – the app picks up the photos underlying colours and generates brushstrokes that you can edit and play around with. Great if you’ve always wanted to unleash your inner Picasso.

Jen Allison
Jen is an online writer with a penchant for rose gold jewellery and oversized knitwear. She’s a stickler for grammar, loves a good book and can’t get enough of Instagram.

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