One huge driver of fashion in the 70s was its music scene. From Disco to Pop Rock and from Country to Punk Rock; a plethora of alternative clashing music styles came together to create beautiful, bold fashion pieces perfect for revamping your wardrobe.

70s Fashion

Below are 3 iconic 70s musicians who in some way epitomised the fashion of the time – Be sure to put this inspiration into action and Shop the Look with La Redoute today!


1. Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell, famous for her mellow, melancholic tunes began the 70s with a bang, releasing her third studio album Ladies of the Canyon. This saw the beginning of a transitional period for Mitchell from folk to more sophisticated, poignant recordings, reflecting the innovative nature of the decade.

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70s Fashion joni mitchell

Throughout the 70s Mitchell frequently sported a floral blouse, wide-leg trousers, and heeled leather sandals. To accessorise she often wore a wide brimmed straw hat with chic ribbon bow.


2. Francoise Hardy

Parisian Francoise Hardy oozes French confidence. Hardy rose to fame in the 60s and continued her inspirational, iconic style through to the 70s, where her look began to evolve along with her records.


70s Fashion

During the 70s Hardy donned the cowboy look, meaning leather and a brimmed hat were essentials. She regularly completed this savoir-faire look with a printed blouse and scarf.


3. Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks is one of the lead singers of the British-American band Fleetwood Mac. During her early days with the band, Nicks epitomised the ultimate hippy chick, and her influence on 70s boho style cannot be underestimated. She then went on to drive fashion towards draped, flowing dresses, all of which exaggerated her majestic mysticism on stage.


70s fashion

The maxi skirt is a must for any Nicks fan. She often complimented this with suede leather boots or sandals, along with a distinctive floral print.

So, whether it’s Nicks’ gypsy inspired look, Hardy’s 70s chic, or Mitchell’s subtle sophistication there’s an abundance of style ideas you can take from this inspirational decade!

Alex Pegg
Marketing co-ordinator at La Redoute with an appetite for French fashion, food and art.

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