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Christmas style for your home

Forget tinsel and baubles – this year, we’re giving our home a chic Christmas makeover with fairy lights, foliage and faux fur. It’s getting to that time when people ask the most important question of the year – ‘have you got your tree up yet?’

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How to start vlogging

It’s the hot new online trend that everyone wants to try – are you vlogging yet?

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How To Style The Little Black Dress

Party season is almost upon us and your thoughts turn to. What do I wear? Here at La Redoute we are big believers in the ever fateful Little Black Dress or LBD for short.

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How to make mulled wine

It’s the ultimate festive drink that means Christmas is really on the way – here’s our fave mulled wine recipe.

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Style ideas for short hair

Plaits, braids, curls and waves – this season’s hair is all about texture and detail. Great if your locks are long and flowing, but what about shorter styles? If your hair is shoulder length or above, it can be hard to get creative. So we’ve picked out our favourite hair trends that work for crops, […]

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How to throw a Bonfire Night party

Bonfire Night is one of our favourite winter celebrations – there’s something very special about watching the sky light up while cuddled in a coat with a mug of something warm (and preferably alcoholic).

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A French boudoir bathroom makeover

When it comes to interior style, the bathroom is often neglected. It’s practical rather than pretty, and it can be hard to see how decorative pieces work in such a functional space.

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Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween gives you the great excuse to get dressed up and make some Halloween treats. If you have kids we’ve found some quick and easy recipes for you to try, if you don’t you’ll have just as much fun making them.

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Protecting your skin this winter

Cold wind, central heating, the party season – winter can play havoc with your skin.Whether you’re dry, oily or somewhere in between, at this time of year it’s always wise to give your skin a little extra TLC. Winter weather can be particularly harsh to skin, and going from freezing cold streets to centrally heated […]

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Biking in bad weather – how to stay stylish

Who else took up cycling over summer? It’s a great way to get fit, can make the morning commute a lot quicker and is totally on trend.

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