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How to host a late summer garden party

Summer’s not over yet! There are still plenty of sunny days ahead (we hope… don’t let us down, Mr Weatherman!), so we recommend making the most of them with a late summer garden party.

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Cooking With Kids – Ratatouille & Chicken Goujon Recipe

Colourful, rich and full of Mediterranean flavour, Ratatouille is perfect warm-weather comfort food, as well as being something healthy that the whole family enjoy.

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Audrey Wears the Autumn/Winter Trends

Truthfully, summer is over in my mind. I was lucky enough to have a long one, starting way back in April. So, these final weeks of August are stretching slow. I am thinking ahead, my mind has skipped over this season’s finale and landed smack in the middle of A/W.

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Cooking With Kids – Pots de Crème recipe

Rich, super-silky and oh-so-French, Pots de Crème may sound fancy, but they’re surprisingly simple to make and so delicious – the perfect kids’ baking recipe!

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Cooking With Kids – Salad Niçoise

Hailing from Nice, Salade Niçoise is full of fresh ingredients, bold, contrasting colours, and a rustic saltiness.

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Capsule Wardrobe Style Guide: Andreea Panciuc

Ever wondered how the French always look so chic? We surveyed over 300 French fashionistas to find out how to create a capsule wardrobe and discovered their five secret weapons:

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Steal Her Style: Jessica Alba

Take inspiration from actress & style savvy mum, Jessica Alba, and learn how to emulate her classy, casual look with La Redoute. You have no excuses to not look chic at the school gates with these pieces!

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Audrey wears the Designers

This season, La Redoute has collaborated with upcoming Parisian fashion designers to create exclusive capsule collections that combine both brands’ aesthetics in  an artful and innovative way.

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Capsule Wardrobe Diary: Sophie Green

According to French fashionistas, the key to effortless French style is creating a capsule wardrobe, with five staple items forming the backbone of multiple outfits:

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Trend Cheat Sheet 60s

This season is all about reviving fashions from past decades and giving them a modern twist. The 60s are an endless source of inspiration, so for Autumn Winter we’ve brought them back. 

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